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The Blue Badge

Here’s why you should use a Blue Badge accredited tour guide in the U.K.

Tourist Guide Blue Badge

Tourist Guide Blue Badge

All Guides who undertake an engagement with London–Private-Tours are qualified Blue Badge Guides.

Your qualified guide will proudly wear the Blue Badge, a symbol of professional tourist guiding in Britain.

The Blue Badge is the highest guiding qualification in Britain.

The Training is detailed and comprehensive, the examinations rigorous, and registration represents a guide of the highest quality.

Blue Badge Guides are guaranteed to give accurate information.

Blue Badge Guides give you the correct factual historical information about people, places, and events. They know their subject matter, and never guess.

You might only visit these shores once so it’s important not to waste an opportunity.

Many locations can only be properly visited in the company of a Blue Badge guide. For example, if you want to walk amongst the stones at Stonehenge instead of on the path around the monument, you will need Blue Badge access.

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